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RAS members foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in robotics and automation that benefits the profession and humanity. Membership includes access to cutting-edge periodicals, the RAS Resource Center, discounts on conferences and events, and networking opportunities.


Our Mission is to foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in Robotics and Automation that benefits members, the profession and humanity.


Our Vision is to be the most recognized and respected global organization in Robotics and Automation.

About Our Chapter

IEEE RAS was founded with the intention to facilitate the development of robotics and automation engineering along with its complementary arts and sciences. The society has affliated collegiate Student Branches to help students explore their interests in robotics. IEEE RIT SB inaugurated its RAS branch on February 18, 2019. Its mission is to provide an environment for students to pursue their interests in robotics and contribute to the ever-growing field.



In order to introduce open-source electronics prototyping to the young minds, an Arduino Boot Camp was organised. The Camp was conducted in 4 days, starting from the 1st of May to the 4th. Each day, a new concept regarding developer boards was introduced, On the 4th day, a project was given to the students for completion. The event served as a kickstarter for the students to explore the fields related to robotics and programming, and eventually mould them into successful engineers.

1 May 2021 - 4 May 2021

techREELS Blog Inauguration | Introduction to ROS

A technical blog, ’techREELS’ was launched to showcase the skills and innovations of the students from the SB. The inauguration of the blog was done by Mr. Lentin Joseph, Founder of Robotics Startup Qbotics Labs and An introductory session on the Robot Operating System(ROS) was also handled by Mr. Lentin Joseph, which covered nearly all the important aspects required for a beginner to start their journey in the field of robotics.

3 April 2021

ARDUIKNOW - Quiz | Debugging

In accordance with the arduino day celebrations, a quiz related to arduino, followed by a debugging contest was organised. The event was held on the 16th and 18th of March, 2021. There were a total of 76 participants, including registrations from other OUs, as well as from universities outside India. The winners were selected based on the results of both the quiz and debugging. Cash prizes were also awarded to the winners.

16 March 2021 - 18 March 2021

R.E.X - Robotics EXperience Program - RAS Chapter Initiative Grant Event

A month-long virtual robotics specialization program was organised by RAS SBC which included specialization and interactive sessions on: ML, AR, IOT and 3D printing. Coupled with a Virtual IV of Kerala Startup Ecosystem, the series provided a platform for participants to hone their technological skills. The series provided enriching sessions from TensorFlow User Group Thrissur, MakerGram, INFUSORY, Inker Robotic Solutions and Kerala Startup Mission.

7 August 2020

Making Your First Drone - Webinar

A webinar to provide an introduction to Drone Technology was conducted as a 2-hour session. The speaker was Mr. Abraham George M, founder of Drone Racers Kerala. About 61 participants from all across Kerala attended the program. The topics covered include: Working principles of drone, Government license on Drones, Component selection for drone making etc.

26 July 2020

Elements of Connected Devices - Webinar

This 2-hour webinar based on “Internet of Things (IoT)” was organised in association with MakerGram. The session was handled by Mr. Salman Faris, board member at Open-Source Hardware Association and space manager at Stiag India. It was attended by 22 students and topics covered included MQTT, node-RED, Raspberry-Pi, NodeMCU,, etc.

5 July 2020

Technical Ideathon

A Mother's day special Technical ideathon was organized from 8th May to 10th May, 2020, jointly by IEEE RAS SB RIT and WIE Affinity Group of IEEE SB RIT with the theme- 'Addressing homemaker's woes through technology'. About 9 teams participated in the event and submitted their solutions to combat various challenges faced by a homemaker by means of appropriate technology.

10 May 2020


IEEE RAS SBC RIT organized the first edition of Simcon, a 24 hour online Arduino hackathon on 5th May. As a result of keen competition among 19 participants, IRENE ANN ZACHARIAH of S4 ECE emerged as the winner. The hackathon enhanced the programming and circuit designing skills of participants.

5 May 2020

Online Content Writing Competition

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter RIT conducted an online content writing competition on the topic “technologies that changed the 21st century “, during the quarantine period exclusively for the students of RIT.
🔹 1st - Irene Anna Kurien, S2 CSE
🔹 2nd - Irene Ann Zachariah, S4 ECE

22 March 2020

30 Days Of Python

EEE RAS SBC RIT successfully conducted an online python learning program, “30 DAYS OF PYTHON”, exclusively for the students of RIT during the lockdown period. The main objective of the course was to give a basic idea of programming to the beginners, who literally didn't know where to begin.

19 Mar 2020

Robotics Hackathon And MD Session

The Smartphone Controlled Robotics Hackathon commenced by 9:45 am on 9 February 2020. The participating teams were shown in the arena where their robots were to be tested. The participants developed solutions for the given problem and tested trial runs.

9 Feb 2020,Sunday

Workshop On Smartphone Controlled Robotics

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch Chapter RIT conducted a workshop on “Smartphone Controlled Robotics” on 8 February 2020 at the EEE department. The session was handled by Mr. Anish M S, Young Professional from IEEE Kerala Section.

8 Feb 2020,Saturday

RAS General Meeting 2.0

IEEE RAS SBC RIT convened it's second general meeting for this academic year on February 6th at EC department. The RAS execom discussed with the members about the future course of the society as well as addressed their various concerns and queries.

6 Feb 2020,Thursday

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